Top 10 Reasons to Choose CTS for Online Training

CTS Top 10

We know there are other online training sources you can use, so why choose us? Well, we’re glad you asked…here’s 10 reasons!

1. Not your traditional training.

The aviation industry (and technology) is changing, and it’s important to keep training changing as well. Online courses allow for more flexibility to schedules and lifestyles than the more traditional classroom route.

2. Customizable.

Your company’s administrator will have access to all of the subjects offered and will be able to select exactly the type of training that works for your pilot group.

3. Educational.

If something isn’t clear, there is plenty of time for the user to review our material as much as needed.

4. Challenging.

Keep your eye on the ball – our courses are interactive, requiring the user to keep progressing through tutorials and lessons. Some tutorials require clicking on aircraft “switches” within a slide, or answering questions at a learning checkpoint before proceeding to the next slide.

5. Relevant.

Training will be customized to your needs. We have an extensive catalog of indoc courses to choose from, and we can review your own material to ensure the topics you train on are the ones you need.

6. Convenient.

We get it, life isn’t just about being at work. Take your courses while on delays/layovers, during free time, or whenever is convenient for you.

7. Flexible.

Online training takes away the limitations of meeting in a classroom and coordinating schedules.

8. Money saving.

Traveling to training not only costs money, but costs time as well. With online training there is no longer the need for hotel rooms, meals or car rentals.

9. Consistency.

Users receive the same high quality product presented the same way. But this doesn’t mean we won’t innovate and change. As information and technology advances, so do we.

10. Communication.

CTS values our users’ experience and expertise. Our tutorials and lessons have feedback buttons to leave any comments or kudos users want us to know. Our content team actively monitors and responds to this feedback, allowing everyone to be heard and every note to be addressed.

Whether you are new to CTS or have been partners with us for years, let us know how we can continue to provide this top ten list and more to you. For questions on how we can ensure the most convenient, flexible, and beneficial training for your operation, feel free to email us at or call us at 316.265.1585 x123; we’d be happy to hear from you.



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